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Supplement:- Western Australian Language. 35
The original of pages 1-3 of the Preface to Lieut. G Grey’s Vocabulary (No. 6), 1839, is preserved on pages 147-169 of the Manuscript Documents No. 33; and the first draft of the Preface to Capt. Grey’s Vocabulary (No. 7), on pages 628-634 of the same.

AFTER having devoted several months to xxx ^ nearly twelve months to a careful study of the aboriginal language of this part of the Continent, I feel convinced, that if the pure dialect is spoken, but little difference exists between the dialects of the different districts; and this remark is confirmed by my having lately received from Mr. Bussel, of the Vasse district, a vocabulary of the language spoken there; this contains three hundred and twenty words, nearly every one of which is identical with those in use in this neighbourhood.

XX Such being the case, it has appeared appears, that the publication of a Vocabulary of the Dialect generally in use, cannot fail to be productive of much advantage, as tending to facilitate

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