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6. V. Tenunu E. Nakur. Used for sickness.
Also, mixed with lime, the juice makes red paint.
Pango 24/4/15. Leaf + fruit
7. V Tumara E. Nimar . Leaves eaten before drinking saltwater make the water taste sweet.
Pango 24/4/15. Leaf
8. V. E. Leaves crunched up + juice
pored on sores. Also used for other sickness
Pango 24/4/15. Leaf + flower
9. V. Momogatshi E. Nakari. [Sap 21]. The one
referred to on p.21 is Nakari miel, with the
red leaves. The flowers and fruit taken from two separate
plants, affirmed to be the same kind, with green leaves.
Pango 24/4/15. Leaf, flower + fruit

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