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A. Tbou
B. Tisu
C. Teoga
D. TNisola
E. Traratshi
F. Tebolo (bark of Mariu) to protect the thatch from the fires which [xx]
round edge of house
G. Sisaria
H. Tragam [Tpiroga]
I. Silaran
J. PouSilaran
K. Matribia (thatch) made of Nisan grass + [Tebora] leaf of coconut
Coconut leaf plaited as a mat. Nisan laid on this + folded
back inside the 'mat'. This [contained] fire end to
end along lower edge of roof. This is one Matribia.
another Matribia placed above+ so on to the top
Then Mung (=shark) made by tying bundles of Nisan

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