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Notebook 11c P.2
Moonma Nooloo (Singing and dance)
Billeeangoo = forbidden mai or wallee.
When jambar womba comes to see it, he sits down in the middle
and all the others stand round and sing:-
Koora billa yaggooree bilaa
looararra ya looararra.
While they sing the tchambar listens.
Jambar innundee = the jambar chosen to learn the song.
Moonma is sung in the beegardain ngooroo.
The billeeangoo cannot be eaten by the jambar.
The koojangoora men meet the pindana men and each gets some
wallee and mai belonging to their own booroo, and exchane the
mai and wallee with each other. The mai and wallee thus ex-
cahnges is billeeangoo from women, children and balellee. While
the mai and wallee are there they sing the above song.
This is incomplete.
Notebook 11b, P. 107
Moonma - Billeeano (name of moonma performers' food)
Manowera (turtle)
Ranjeemai jalnga
Ranjee lightning
Ranjee winnartee
Names for mau and wallee at moonma:-
marra marra ngarreenjoonoo (visitors' food, witnessing moonma)
and the mai the women can't eat.

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