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From Notebook 11b P.17
Song of Billingee

Millarjee larjee nganga nyeelerrberree
Forget forget talk (with my) lips

Prinsep a ngooroo, pinjil neemalla
Prinsep's ground pencil in hand

Billingee nganga nganga
Billingee talking talking

Gobernor a ngooroo
Givernor coming to (our) ground.

Nanga moolee moolee
Talk imperfectly going round

Pinjil barree barree
Pencil shaking

Marra barra barra
Hand shaking

Nyeegenilla ngooroo
(Nyeegena) Derby country

Wangal moolee moolee
wind going round

Marra barra barra
Hand shaking.

This song was 'Composed' on the Aboriginal
Reserve (N.d Princess Protector of Aborigines) at the foot
of the Darling Range & on Jubaitch's own group ground
His Excellency Sir Frederick Bedford visited the
Reserve & was given a great reception & dance. [Also] all
the natives were old & [fragil], As I took Fr notes
of the Kening (Corroboree) the men began to sing
the above extempore song representing each line
after its 'Singer & composer'.

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