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"Ngardian" or "Yingān"

I witnessed a curious ceremony, called Ngardian, this
morning. A new contingent from Koggara [east] arrived yesterday,
but there were no fires lighted for them, nor was a "wel-
come" extended to them, althought they have relatives in this
camp. They came down in a line, stood on a slope near my
wommoo, and then all the men from Kalda side gathered in a
rather orderly mass, 5 deep, and came along towards the new
men at a trot, their women trotting like camp followers be-
side them. As they advanced they now and then stopped,
formed into a dense round mass and gave a curious throaty
shout. All were fully armed. They advanced to within 20
paces of the others, and then turned away kaila towards their
Kalda camp. They made such a curious shouting noise,
throaty, and all gathered into a close mass and stood still
to shout. They made a half circle in their manoeuvring.
Then the new men formed into rnak and made a noise like
an eaglehawk as they ran round behind the first mob for a
little distance, then returning to the place they started from
also making a circle in their movements. This was a sort
of ceremony of "armed neutrality" or temporary truce. The
men then adjourned to the camp of the newcomers where ex-
change of goods took place amongst the mob.

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Needed the symbol ā