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27/12/13 Sunday afternoon
Kallaia Yini - Emu dance
Yilaru and Boongjeran coming up avenue.
Bulu waves string.
Ngarralea touches them. "Mungarai yarandi na" sung.
Nyoorbinya and Goorardu, Yilaru touches them. No one
waved rope.
"Mungarai yarandi na".
Gauera waved rope for next, Bijarda by himself, Balgunda
touched him. (Balgundar has Gauera's fourtheenth husband,
[& pbinghl] from [Ngalie Jan 21.] [faures fspe, ]
"A damper wonga, Agamā a damper wonga" is sung for the next,
Wiladhurra, and Gauera also waves for him, Balgunda touches
(One or two issue out of the bush beyond the avenue, either
at a walk or run. If one, he walks. The last couples or
singel performer run. They run zig-zag along the avenue,
stopping, at a shourt from the singers, to turn round and
quiver their thighs. Then as they near a little mound
they kneel and bend to right and left over it, and finally
they reach the mound round which singers are seated, and
they kneel facing each other (if two) and rub each other's
heads, quivering their bodies also at intervals.)
mandi and Warlba (Goolgoolia), Yilaru rtouched them, Gauera
Gauera also waves for the next two, Punch and Jimmy (Moggoo-
Sunday night, Monday morning 3 a.m., Monday afternoon and
evening, Tuesday morning, 3 a.m., afternoon and evening;
as soon as the evening corroboree was over, a row started and
continued till 12, being resumed before daylight. Bulu
and the women started it, and themmen, Yilaru, took it up,
and now it appears that they have spolied the corroboree
and it may not be able to be continued.

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