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The Storehouse of the Yinma
(Sung when koondain, [pario brards] etc., are being brought)
Gumbarandarandē ngadnarē mininga
Minegu miniga gāē.
Reuben [(Jutirgain)] and Moggoomoggoo went shouting all round as us we
trotted in single file towards the ground.
Moggoomoggoo and Wiladhurra shout as they pass to and fro
in front of our circle. A minda and half circle has been
formed and we make a circuit of this before we sit down
within it while the two men shout, crossing and recrossing
in front of the half circle.

Buldar bamba ganba
Wilya wardi.


Jauerlan jauerlan yarran
Ngarrunga gadidarrangan ngadē
Yegurlan gade.
Each koondain is first shown at a distance from us, one man
away with them and shout as they cross each other in front of
our circle; as each koondain is brought and placed behind us,
we are touched on the breast or knee by kaili or wardan and
the yinma is placed behind us. After it is held upright,
it is then laid flat on the ground and the holder lies flat
upon it for the moment, getting up and shouting as he goes
back to his place.

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