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(from P. 30 of MSS. of XI, 1a)
1 Introduction
4 Doordaaroo Kening Decorations
5 Ground for dance
6 Leaders and attire
7 - 9 The dance itself, with music
Meerdar Southwestern cf. Doordaaroo, decorations, etc.
10 Movements, songs
11 Nyeerimba kening (Canning and Murray districts)
12 Emu Dance - Bunbury and Busselton
Kangaroo Dance - Bibbulmun
13 Eucla dances - men and women - quivering dance Eucla men’s hairdressing
14 Fraser Range dances
Esperance, Korrlup dances
Nyeerimba songs
15 Korrlup songs
Didarruk kening
Albany dances (imported), {“Kurannup” Kēning, Copied from Flinder’s at Two People Bay 1801.}
16 Yardee - Feast of Licence, with Albany songs
17 Yardee at Kendenup
Meerdar and Nyeerimba
Kojonup songs -squirrel, eaglehawk, emu and curlew
18 Bridgetown Jalgoo - Feast of Licence
Williams district jalgoo
19 Exchange of weapons, etc., preparations for jalgoo, arrival of guests
20 Pairing of natives at Jalgoo
Fighting amongst tribes
21 Manja boming - Swan and Murray
(babbin ceremony)
22 Capel karder dance
Vasse and Murray dance
Ngoobeeja or woordaree
23 Yorlooroo dance
Spear dance (Vasse)
Sea mullet dance (Vasse and Capel) - totemic
25 Song for this ceremony
Capel and Augusta Songs
30 Cape Leeuwin song
31 Neebinyan’s Songs (Two People Bay)
32 Korrlup Song
33 Capel song of Exile
34 Bibbulmun girls’ dance and song
35 Women’s Fighting song
36 Women’s abuse
Augusta Song - Wallaby and Squeaker Crow
Augusta Song - Dream Songs
37 King George’s Sound Songs
38 Augusta Song - shipwreck
39 Vasse Songs
40 Robin and Wagtail Dances (Capel and Murray)
41 Nyeerimba dance - Murray
42 Mandura dances - jalgoo, manja and Bibbul
Swan, Canning and Avon dances
43 Swan ornaments for dances
44 Swan dances - Wanna Wa
46 Burial of mamman and song
47 Songs for close of jalgoo
48 Variations in wanna wa in Southern districts
49 Food, payments, etc.
50 Manja boming (Fire Exchange) - Swan and Gingin
51 Moonya ceremony (at Manja time)

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