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Spirit song
53 Joobaitch’s Song
Magpie’s song
54 Song for Emu dance
55 Young girl’s song
56 Old woman’s song "to man wanting to fight" (sung at the man)
58 Ornaments at York dances
59 Gingin songs and dances
60 Song for Doordaaroo; Gingin song of the sea
61 Gingin Songs and Dances
62 Gingin Dances and ornaments
64 Dances of Victoria Plains, Berkshire Valley, Marah, Watheroo, Moora and Dandarraga
65 Kellerberrin wanna wa, etc.
Southern Cross
Norseman - Dhoolgoo
Laverton - Dhoolgoo
67 Dongara dances
68 - 9 Marratharra’s Songs (Doolgoo)
70 Murchison Wanna wa
Effigies used - Yuin district
71 Murchison songs
72 Mamma dance
Sanford River Doolgoo and yardee
73 Sanford River ornaments
Sanford River Malleegee dance
75 Warngun, Peedung and Weld Range
76 Murchison and Gascoyne ornaments
Ashburton and Gascoyne dances
77 Shield dance
Wanna mungara - quivering dance
78 Beera Beera dance
79 Dance of Vengeance - Talainji natives
81 Roebourne and Pilbara Momma dance
82 Jallooroo dance follows Momma (?)
(Mootcha pinderee)
83 Dancers’ ornaments
84 De Grey Feast of Licence
Sorcerer Making Dance
85 West Kimberley dances
Initiation, etc., of Kimberley and Eucla
87 Broome dances
(a) Manowra - 2 acts (i) jeebangin (ii) jinnaba
89 Reeng’s Song
(b) Moonma nooloo (c) Booga nooloo
93 Jinnaba act of Booga
(d) Joordoo-joordoo nooloo (e) Bandilir nooloo
96 Joordoo-joordoo songs
(f) Boorunbung dance
97 West Kimberley songs - general
100 Kimberley Love Songs
105 Honey gathering Song
106 West Kimberley decorations
107 Sunday Island songs
108 Fitzroy district songs
110-114 Supplementary notes from early MSS.
Jalgoo corroboree
Manja boming (P. 114)
115 Williams River - Wanna wa (Bardil)
116 Worshop - dancing grounds
117-120 Campbell's information re dancing boards and corroborees (Eastern Goldfields)
121-122 Early notes on Manja boming (mostly contained in previous pages)

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